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International conference on “Envisioning the Future: Teaching Language and Literature”

Dated: 20-21 January, 2023 FRIDAY - SATURDAY

Call for papers: INTERNATIONAL CONFERENCE ON “Envisioning the Future: Teaching Language and Literature”

We would like you to join us in our two-day-long 1st International Conference scheduled to be held on 20-21 January, 2023 on a theme entitled Envisioning the Future: Teaching Language and Literature organized by Faculty of Arts and Humanities (FAH), International Islamic University Chittagong.

Language is at a nexus of interrelationships among individuals, societies and cultures. The interface between language and literature has been the object of considerable interdisciplinary research that can be applied across the two fields and their sub areas. Globalization, technological innovation and societal issues have always been instrumental in approaches and methods of teaching language and literature. The transformation and radical revision of traditional ways, practices and skills in teaching language and literature during and after Covid 19 pandemic is a glaring pointer towards it.

Behind this backdrop of changes, in this conference, we welcome academics and scholars with their recent research endeavors to address the quickly changing contours of language and literature teaching for future to stimulate the new generations of students and teachers. Besides, this academic gathering would afford a platform to meet and exchange ideas and views in a forum stimulating respectful dialogue, by bringing together university scholars working throughout the country, and beyond to share ideas and research.

It is through conferences like these that we expand our network, and we have no doubt that International Conference 2023 organized by FAH will offer a remarkable opportunity for the sharing of research and best practice, for the meeting of people and ideas. We expect the resultant professional and personal collaborations to endure for many years, and we look forward to seeing you in IIUC!

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Links to Proposal Submission Forms:
Submission is expected in two languages, English and Arabic.
English: https://forms.gle/1enCCt6QKVzpKhCN8
Arabic: https://forms.gle/Rxm9ia1FYFp39Nfp9
Registration Link: https://forms.gle/SDMwyFCxyMPi1qFE7

All abstracts will be reviewed by a voluntary team of peer reviewers.

Acceptance of Abstract: If your abstract is accepted by the review team and you pay the conference registration fee by the specified deadline, your submission will be scheduled in an appropriate session for oral presentation (maximum 20 minutes) at the conference.

Final Submission Process: If your abstract is accepted for presentation, we encourage you to submit a full paper before 30 November 2022 for inclusion in the IIUC 2022 Conference Proceedings. The full article should be submitted in MS Word or other editable form (NOT pdf) and should adhere to the APA (7th)/ MLA (9th Edition) format.

Sub-themes may include, but are not limited to:

Critical Digital learning and technologies Vision 2041
Teaching Wisdom through Literature Curriculum development and material design
Resistance and Intersection of Class, Caste, Race, Culture, and Region English/Arabic education in rural areas
Gender, Transgender and Vulnerability Language testing and assessment
Refugee and the New World Order Reading, writing and literacy
Bangladeshi Writings in National and Global Perspectives Research on critical thinking
Revisiting [Post] post colonialism: Limitations and Possibilities Teacher training and professional development
Colonization, decolonization and neo-colonization Language teaching methods and approaches
Ecocriticism, Anthropomorphism, and Resistance English/Arabic for young learners
Pandemic, Resistance and Recognition Curriculum-based political and virtuous awareness
1971: Violence, resistance and freedom Intercultural and international communication
Intersectionality and World Politics Academic research and publication
Strategic formulation for education Academic research and publication
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